SciencePreneur Academy teaches a proprietary strategic DIVE Framework that life science companies use to create leading brands.

Why SciencePreneur Academy?
Avoid losing massive amounts of time and money when you develop and launch your product
Case studies and deep dives into high-impact brands in the life science industry
Who is it For?
Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices, Digital Health
Founders, C-Suite, Executives, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Marketing Professionals

Hi, I’m Kasia Hein-Peters, MD

I am going to teach you how to launch your life science product, and create a world-leading life science brand that makes a difference and helps millions of people to live better lives. There is a way to do this without spinning your wheels on countless trials and errors. 

My training and coaching framework is based on multiple launches that I led globally. It's 30 years of professional experience and knowledge distilled into SciencePreneur Academy programs.